Best Gifts for Kids Who Want to Be a Mail Carrier

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Do you know a kid who wants to be a mailman when they are older? Or do they want to be like their parent who is a mailman? This is a common “dream job” for kids! Kids get excited at the thought of going house to house, delivering mail to every house in the neighborhood! Here is a list of gifts that these kids would be sure to love!


USPS Toy Truck

This toy is an exact replica of the USPS mail vehicle! This is a nice addition to any toy set because they can incorporate the mailman in any scene they want. They will be fascinated having their own mail vehicle.

Mail Carrier Costume

Costumes aren’t just for Halloween! Let your kid feel like a real mail carrier in their very own uniform.

The Jolly Postman Book

This is one of the coolest books on the market! This book is super interactive and has real letters you can open inside!

Wooden Mailbox Activity Toy

Give the gift of their very own mailbox! This mailbox includes drawing activities and play ideas to keep the mailbox filled with projects that are lots of fun.

Weighing Scale

Give the gift of their very own scale! This scale is not actually a toy, but it will be a nice addition to any want-to-be mail carrier! This can educate your child and encourage them to understand how to read and use a scale.

Post Office Pop Up Tent

This can be set up for indoor or even outdoor play on a sunny day! Give your kid their very own post office. This tent even has a feature to slide letters inside, just like a real post office!

Electric Ride-On USPS Delivery Truck

I’m sure you’ve seen ride on trucks, jeeps, or fancy cars, but have you ever seen an actual ride on electric postal truck? This will surely bring a smile on your mail-loving kids face!

Mail Carrier Action Figure

Who needs a superhero action hero when you can get a mailman action figure?! This mailman has lifelike features and is able to move and tilt his head. This could very well become yor childs favorite toy that they carry around everywhere.

Toy Post Office Set

They will love this toy post office set!

Includes: Weighing Scales, Post Box, Cash Drawer, Play Date Stamp, Coins and Notes, Numerous Magazines, Newspaper Titles, Stamps, Envelopes, Post Cards, Vehicle Licenses, and all the Forms and accessories you would expect from your local Post Office

Stamp Set

This stamp set allows kids to “stamp” their letters when they play post man!

Mailman Birthday Party Plate Set

Give your kid an awesome postman themed birthday party! This also could be used to get your kid to eat when they are not eating all their vegetables.

Post Office Coloring Book

Let their imagination flow while coloring all things post office!

Any One of these Gifts will Bring a Smile to Any Mailman-to-be!

Which mail-inspired gift do you like the most?

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