How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A 5 Star Luxury Hotel

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Your home should be your sanctuary, a place where you are most comfortable and can relax to your fullest. No need to only treat yourself once in a while in a luxury hotel when you can treat yourself everyday at home.

White High Quality Bath Towels

White, fluffy towels are one of the first things you think of that a luxury hotel has. Replace all your old, worn out towels with spa quality white towels. If white isn’t your style, try sticking to a one color towel so they all match. Once people try out high quality towels, they never will go back. This will really add to your experience in your bathroom.


Towel Warmer

Usually, it’s hard stepping out from a nice, hot shower to a cold bathroom. When you own a towel warmer, leave the hot shower and go to a straight to a fluffy, warm towel. Not just your towel, include your pajamas, clothes, or robe as well! This will make you definitely feel pampered and like you just came from the spa.


Hair Product Dispenser

Get rid of all your bathroom clutter with this hair product dispenser. Luxury hotels don’t have shampoo and conditioner bottles cluttering up the shower, and your luxury bathroom shouldn’t either. This also helps keep your shower/tub clean because there are no places for water to build up around all the bottles when you are taking a shower. No more dirty shampoo bottle rings. As an added bonus, it also includes a spot to hang your razor.


Rainfall Shower head & Waterfall Tub Spout

This will immediately change your experience to 5 stars. If you are taking a shower, enjoy the luxurious feel of the rainfall shower head. If you are taking a bath, relax watching the tub fill up with a waterfall spout. This set is a game changer.


Luxury Bath Tray

If you have a tub, you need to get a bath tray. This tray comes in multiple different colors to match your style. Whether you want to read a book, or watch your favorite show, this tray has got you covered. It comes with a book/tablet holder, candle or cup slot, wine glass holder and phone slot.



Once you use a bidet, you won’t ever want to go back. This even has a heated toilet seat so you will never have to sit on a freezing toilet seat in the middle of the night. You will feel much cleaner after using a bidet. Bidets are popular in places like Italy, Portugal, Japan, Argentina, and Venezuela. Using a bidet is also very good for the environment. This stops us from using endless rolls of toilet paper.


White High Quality Wash Cloths

These are from the same brand of the bath towels that are listed above. Include a matching set of high quality wash cloths to clean yourself.


Glass Containers for Bath Salts and Bubble Bath

Replace the plastic original packaging of your bath products and place them in glass. Doing this creates a luxurious feeling while using your products in high quality glass rather than plastic.


Electric Floor Heating System

If you are remodeling your bathroom, make sure to include a heated floor. This is what a lot of luxurious hotels have. Unfortunately, if you are not going to replace your current flooring, you cannot add this. Never walk on cold tile again!


Fancy Mirror with Lighting

Stun your guests when they walk in and see this high quality lighted mirror. This will immediately make your bathroom stand out and feel luxurious. It also comes with the best lighting!


Decorative Candle Holders

Choose from a variety of colors to match your bathroom. These are very nice to set along the tub while taking a relaxing bath. Just put basic tea light candles inside.


Laundry Hamper

Your bathroom wont look luxurious if you have clothes laying all over your floor. This hamper comes in both a dark and light form for different styles. Make sure you have a designated place to store your laundry when stepping into the shower.


Live Your Best Life

If you make these additions to your bathroom, you will basically have a at home spa! Make your home enjoyable and relaxing. This will improve your quality of life and your mood. Which products are you going to add to your bathroom?

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