Top Ways to Make Your Cat’s Life More Exciting

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Spoil your cats, they deserve it.

Make Your Cat’s Day More Interesting

If you think about it, life as an inside cat can be pretty boring. If they are strictly an inside cat, they have nowhere to explore. Here is a list of top toys and products to make your cats life better!

Interactive Laser Cat Toy

We all know that one of a cat’s favorite toys is a laser pointer, but did you know there is a laser pointer tower that runs by itself? This sweet tower will keep your cat entertained for hours.

If you want to play with them yourself, you can always get a good old fashioned laser pointer as well.


Cat Water Fountain

Cats are drawn to running water. This fountain can make your cat drink more, keeping it healthy and hydrated. It is better for a cat to drink through a fountain rather than a stagnant water bowl.


Automatic Litter Box – Use this link and get $25 off your purchase.

Do you hate scooping cat litter? Never scoop cat litter again with the Litter-Robot. This especially comes in handy when going out of town for a few days. This will cycle every time your cat is done using the box. Cats don’t like a dirty, unscooped litterbox, this can sometimes cause them to use the bathroom outside the litterbox. Never have that problem again because your cats will be stepping into a fresh, clean litterbox with the Litter Robot.


Cat Self Groomer Comb

Have a cat who loves it’s chin scratched? Or even rubbing its chin on corners of the house? They will love this self-scratcher. You attach it to a wall corner in your house, and your cat can come itch on it anytime they want.


Cat Scratching Post

This is great for the both the cat and the owner. This scratch posts leans anywhere you want it to. This gives your cat a designated spot where they are allowed to scratch as much as they want, instead of your new leather couch.


Cat Hammock

We all know cats love to take naps. Give them the comfiest seat in the house with this hammock style cat bed.


Cat Chaser Toy

Have your cat running in circles all day trying to catch this moving toy. They will think it is a mouse and they will want to catch it. This is a good way to get your cat to exercise.


Floppy Fish Moving Toy

This interactive motion toy will get your cat excited and ready to play. It is rechargeable, so no need to replace batteries.


Interactive Electric Butterfly Cat Toy

Is your cat always watching birds out the window? This would be the perfect gift for them because this butterfly toy makes similar movements to birds. This will keep your cat intrigued and want to play.



This is a classic. Catnip can instantly put your feline friend into a mood to play.


Cat Condo Tower

Give your cat the tower of their dreams. This will be a nice spot to claim their own. They can play and sleep on it.


Pet Stroller

Want to take your cats out on your morning jog with you? This will definitely spice up your cat’s life. They will be very interested in the new areas you will be taking them. It give them a chance to see new things and will be much better than being stuck in one house for the rest of their life.


Automatic Cat Feeder

Going out of town for a night? Want to get your cats on a feeding schedule? Feed your cats at the same time every day with this automatic cat feeder. This one even comes with a two way splitter for a multi cat household.


Window Seat

Is your cat always peaking by the window? Let them watch out the window while being comfortable. If you think about it, the window is like cat TV for them.


Cat Wand

This toy will let you bond with you cat. You control this wand and can make your cat chase it all over the house if you want to.

Give Your Cat More Attention

Sometimes we don’t realize it, but there are busy days where we barely interact with our cats. Always make sure to set time specifically to pet or play with your cats. Even a small timeframe a day can set a special bond between you and your pets.

To the world you are just one person, but to your cat you are the world.

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