Best Gifts for Chicken Owners (They Will Love these Top Picks!)

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Here’s a list of the top items any chicken owner would love!

Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Every person who owns chickens should have this automatic chicken door. This is the greatest gift you can get them. No more cold mornings letting the chickens out & no more cold nights locking them up for the night. This door is battery powered (will have a light flash red when batteries need changed). The batteries have a minimum life of one year with this door. It is easily programable.

Lets say you want your chickens to be let out at 7:00AM every morning. The first day you have your door, wait until 7:00AM, press the open button, and that’s it. It will open at 7:00AM every single day. You do not have to worry about shutting it at night, it automatically knows when it is dark and will shut on its own. I do recommend on your first days using this you keep an eye out that all your chickens made it safe inside the coop on time.


Heated Chicken Waterer

If you live in a state where it gets cold, a heated waterer is a necessity for chickens because their water will freeze over. You want your birds to be healthy and hydrated. This waterer is so much better than the typical chicken waterers because it uses “nipples” to drink from instead of an open trough. This is so much healthier for the chickens because they can’t kick dirt or poop in to contaminate their water. They will be drinking fresh, clean water every day. This makes it nice for the owners, too because there will be less time cleaning out the waterer.


Chicken Harness

This chicken harness comes with a leash so you can walk around with your chicken. This harness helps you bond with your chickens and it helps get them to trust you.


Chicken Heater

This will keep chickens nice and cozy in the winter time. This heater has a dial to control how much heat it puts off. Keeping them warm will keep them healthy and happy. Using just one of these heaters is good for a small coop, but if you have a larger coop you may want to get another or a larger heater.


Chicken Coop with Chickens and Eggs Ornament

Every chicken owner needs this on their Christmas tree!


Chicken T-Rex Arms

Make everyone laugh with these T-Rex arms on your chickens. There are also different styles.


Egg Incubator

This lets anyone start their own flock with fertilized eggs! Anyone who has both a hen and rooster can use this to hatch their very own baby chicks.


Eggs Collecting Apron

Too many eggs to carry? Use this apron to safely collect all of the eggs without dropping or cracking them!


 Women’s Waterproof Rain and Garden Boots

The perfect boots to take care of your chickens on a muddy day.


Metal Chicken Egg Basket

Don’t want to wear an egg apron? This is easy to grab right out the door on your way to the chicken coop.


Metal Rooster Wind Chimes

This would be a great addition on a porch or garden area. It is beautiful and all metal.


Chicken Toys

Chickens like toys too! This will give chickens more fun throughout their day.


Pet Stroller

Want to take your chickens out on your morning walk? This will definitely spice up your chicken’s life. They will be very interested in the new areas you will be taking them.


Gravity Fed Chicken Feeder

Prevent the rain from ruining all your chicken feed. Also, this prevents your chickens from tipping over their food like the typical feeders. This allows you to not have to continuously replace their feed and can save money from not wasting it.


Nutri-Drench Poultry Solution

It is always good to be prepared. You put the designated measurement in your chickens water every once in a while and this will keep your chickens healthy. It will give them much needed vitamins that they sometimes don’t get in their daily diet.

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